My bows are all built to exacting standards, with quietness, smoothness of draw, and no hand shock the main goals. You will also find some designs not readily available elswhere. All of my bows are designed and built to be compatible with modern string materials. A string of BCY Dynaflight 10 or 97 is provided with each bow, along with a bow sock.

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Recurves & Longbows

Models & Prices
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ASSYRIAN" - Static Recurve. A delflex-reflex recurve with the lines of the old Assyrian bows. Static recurves make for a very smooth drawing bow in a shorter length. Available in 58" and 60" lengths, and weights to 70#.

"ELKHEART" - Named for author Dave Petersen, the Elkheart is a short mild forward handle deflex-reflex longbow. Extremely smooth drawing for its length. Quiet. light, and compact. The Elkheart comes in 52"-58" lengths for draw lengths from under 28" up to 32".

"FALCON" - Very similar to the Elkheart, but in longer lengths of 58" and 60".

"FALCON XL" - A longer heaver handled version of the Falcon. Available in 62" and 64".

"TANJAVUR" and "TANJAVUR RECURVE" - "A Royal Line from Southern India" - Styled after the double recurve bows of South East Asia. The set back and deflexed handle, combined with a semi-static slight recurves, make this bow one of the smoothest drawing and fastest shooting bows I offer. With no hand shock. Lengths 58" and 60".

"INFERNO" - Hybrid Long Bow. A compact longbow with some Asian influence. The double recurve handle brings the grip closer to the shooter compared to a forward handle bow. This causes the limbs to bend more to brace the bow. Combined with extra reflex in the limbs, this makes for a smooth, quick but still very quiet bow. Available in lengths 52", 54", 56", and 58".

"EROS" - Recurve Brother of the Inferno. This bow has the full Asian styling of ancient bows. Re-enforced with modern fiberglass and maple core, it is stable, fast, and amazingly quiet. Available in lengths 52", 54", and 56".

"SWEET GRASS" - A mild deflex-reflex longbow. Available in lengths of 62", 64", and 66".

"HELMS DEEP" - A 52", 54", or 56" static recurve with heavily deflexed riser. Very smooth to draw and quick and quiet.

Options Available on Java Man Bows:
Bow Bolt Take Down: $225
Horn Tip Overlays: $25
Horn Handle Overlays: $75
Finger Grooves: $50
Stipple Grip: $75
Leather Grip: N/C
Beaver Tail Grip: $50
Please ask about additional options.